The 12th Dimension


Early 20s.


Part-time Hi Fi salesman

Still at Uni.

Psychology and media teacher!!! in training.

Wait, what?

shadow(s) lurking

❝ I didn’t exchange any bodily fluids with anyone, so I’m not worried about it. I’m much more likely to be mistakenly killed by a police officer in this country than to be killed by Ebola, even if you were in the same bridal shop. ❞

- Peter Pattakos, a 36-year-old attorney living in Cleveland, who visited a local bridal shop on the same day as one of the Dallas nurses infected with Ebola.  (via micdotcom)

SNOOP DOGG started following me on instagram!

I feel like I need to raise my selfie game/all round photo standard. should I try and DM him and start up a chat?

Imagine if Snoop and I were buds? That would be the best!


So we decorated our living room, in accordance to our new belief vast-brilliance

I hit 10k posts 52 posts ago

It’s been a long time since i first thought i had to make my own posts and initially started blogging about the Melbourne nightclub scene. They were simpler times…

Straight White Boy Problem #439


why do other dudes rep snapbacks from places across the country? my friend has a Yankees snapback and i asked him if he was from New York and he said no. i asked him if he even liked the yankees and he said no. i was like ‘dude why you wearin that snapback then?’ and he was like ‘its all good man’ so i still dont know



If any of u are vegetarian send me some recipes or something


Straight White Boy Problem #527


i dont care if ellen page is a lesbian she is hot af!! *realizes she doesnt want a bf like ever lol* Wait…i actually kinda care tho

Track: 'Til the Cops Come Knockin'
Artist: Maxwell
Album: Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
Plays: 31,889


Til The Cops Come Knockin’ - Maxwell from Urban Hang Suite (1996)

Been listening to this album all day, the soundtrack to this ltest assignment apparently

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